DEC street collection this Saturday 25th July

We’re desperately looking for volunteers to help with a street collection in support of the DEC Coronavirus Appeal this Saturday 25th July.

We have permission to collect in Douglas, Ramsey, Port Erin, Castletown and Peel between 10am and 5pm. If you can help for an hour or so in any location please get in touch by calling 800464. Thank you

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DEC launches Coronavirus appeal

With cases of coronavirus now being found in Syria and gravediggers in Yemen struggling to keep up with demand, the Disasters Emergency Committee has today lauched an appeal to provide help to some of the most vulnerable communities in the world as they face Covid-19.

We have already seen the devastation the coronavirus pandemic has caused in wealthy economies. Poorer countries face dealing with coronavirus on top of other crises and will need help to limit the impact and try to contain the spread.

The Disasters Emergency Committee is made up of 14 leading UK aid and humanitarian organisations who come together at times of disaster or crisis to raise funds quickly and efficiently, in order to rapidly scale up their operations in the areas affected.

This appeal is currently targetting communities in Syria, Yemen and South Sudan, as well as Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan and the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Money donated will:

  • provide families with clean water, soap and information on keeping themselves safe
  • provide frontline medical and aid workers with equipment and supplies to care for the vulnerable and sick
  • ensure families get enough food to prevent malnutrition, particularly amongst children

You can donate online at the DEC website by following the link below.

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Holiday! Cultural celebrations around the world

Tynwald Day is usually an unbelievably busy day for the One World Centre, with our Global Village in full swing at the Arboretum as part of the Manx National Day celebrations. It’s all a bit different this year but we are still celebrating cultural diversity in a virtual way with a look at some of the national holidays celebrated by the many other cultures represented in the Isle of Man. To start with, we’ve uploaded information for two very different countries – Chile and China – and we’ll be adding more locations in the coming days. Find out where you’d do a cueca and where you need to watch out for a Nian!

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Help us celebrate cultural diversity on the Isle of Man

Sadly, we won’t be able to run our Global Village on Tynwald Day this year due to the CoVID-19 pandemic but we would still like to celebrate the cultural diversity of the Isle of Man, if only in a virtual way!

We’re looking for people who live on the Island now but who were born or grew up in another country to tell us about a national holiday in that country.

We’d like to know what it celebrates, when it is held, what happens and how people celebrate it. Ideally we would like a short video or audio recording (just a couple of minutes at most and a smart phone recording would be fine) that we can share. If you have any photos we can use that would be great as well.

If you’re not able to record anything, then a small written description would be appreciated. Please get them to us by 28th June at the latest so we can upload for release on Tynwald Day.

For more information please click here.

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Get creative with the Global Goals!

We’ve just relaunched our It’s Not Fair! Global Goals creative competition for home schooling. This is a chance for young people (and their parents!) to reflect on one of the “People” Sustainable Development Goals and what life would be like if we achieved it. All the information, including useful resources, is on our It’s Not Fair! competition page of our website and there are lots of prizes. The closing date has now been extended to 10th July but feel free to send in entries at any time.

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Connecting generations for positive action on climate change

To celebrate Earth Day, the World’s Largest Lesson has come up with a great activity for children to link with their older relatives (remotely at the moment, of course) to reflect on climate change through generations. It’s a simple but effective way to draw out observations, connect with others and share positive action. Can be done any time, not just today!

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Documenting Covid-19

Daily life has changed drastically for most of us here in the Isle of Man at the moment but what’s it like in other countries around the world as they face the coronavirus pandemic?

We’re looking for stories from friends and families overseas to create a picture of how coronavirus is impacting everyone – what shared problems we face, what we’re missing most and what we’ll be looking forward to when life returns to “normal”. A picture and a post is fine – a short video clip even better!

Please share this with anyone you know who would be willing to get involved. They can either post on our Facebook page or email to Some questions to think about:

What is the current situation in your country/region?
How is this affecting daily life?
What is the greatest impact to you personally?
What do you miss doing the most?
Has there been anything positive or unexpected to come out of this for you?
Will you do anything differently when life returns to normal?

Coronavirus has shown us how interconnected and interdependent the world is – and how we are all facing this together. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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Translators needed

Are you able to speak another language? Local charity Thare Machi Education is working with its UK counterpart to deliver online messages about coronavirus and the health measures people should take to protect themselves. They are looking for help with translating this into other languages and dialects (particularly from African, Asian and South American regions) and getting this information out to remoter parts of the world. More info in the link here:

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2020-2022 IoM International Development Partnership applications now open

The Isle of Man Government has opened the application window for its International Development Partnerships (deadline now extended to 1st May 2020).

This funding stream was established to create longer term partnerships between the Isle of Man Government and respected and recognised international charities to facilitate lasting and sustainable change.

For the 2020-2022 funding cycle there are two themes – climate change and displaced persons. One partnership will be established on each theme.

For full eligibility criteria and the online application form please go to

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Charity Challenge 2020: And the winners are…

We were so looking forward to the 2020 finals of the One World Charity Challenge, kindly to be hosted this week by AFD Software at the Mountain View Innovation Centre. Sadly (but understandably) this event had to be cancelled due to the ongoing measures against Coronavirus which meant our finalists didn’t get to present their work in front of a public audience.

In the circumstances, it was agreed to share the final prize money equally between the charities represented and we are pleased to announce that Advantage Africa, DO! Developing Orphans, Thare Machi Education, Glad’s House, Port St John Community Fund and Excellent Development will each receive £1,750 towards their international development work. A further £2,750 has already been distributed to charities represented at the in-school heats of the competition.

Thank you to AFD for supplying the prize money and offering the use of the fantastic facilities at Babbage’s. We know the students will be disappointed not to be able to showcase their work, but the knowledge they have gained and the support they have given their chosen charities throughout the competition will have given them a real insight into the role of international development in improving lives and how important it is to become good global citizens. Congratulations to all who took part and thank you to the charities for supporting the students in this project.

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