Rob Greenfield to visit the Isle of Man

We’re delighted to be co-hosting with GRIN an evening with Rob Greenfield, an activist and humanitarian dedicated to leading the way to a more sustainable and just world. Rob embarks on extreme projects (which have included wearing all his rubbish for a month, feeding himself from grocery store rubbish bins, living off-grid and foraging for 100% of his food) to bring attention to important global issues and inspire positive change. Rob believes our actions really do matter and that as individuals and communities we have the power to improve the world around us.

He is currently travelling (as sustainably and responsibly as possible) on the 2020 World Solutions Tour and will be speaking in the Isle of Man at Ballakermeen Studio Theatre on Monday 27th April. Tickets are available now through this link here. Admission will be free but there will be an opportunity for donations on the night with any surplus going to indigenous and women-led grassroots environmental organisations of Rob’s choice.

We are expecting this event to be very popular so advise booking early if you wish to come along.

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Fairtrade conference draws near!

We’re looking forward to our 8th Fairtrade Primary Conference this Thursday when 68 young students from local primary schools will be joining us to learn about the difference Fairtrade can make to small farmers and producers in developing countries. This year we have Heather Thompson from Traidcraft as our guest speaker – and she will also be running one of the workshops where students will find out what life is like for a family of coffee farmers in Tanzania.

The Fairtrade Conference is one of the annual events we run with our funding from the Isle of Man Government’s Development Education and Awareness Raising Grant and we are also grateful to Tynwald President Steve Rodan MHK who graciously allows us to use Legislative Buildings as a venue.

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Climate change action plan for the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man Government has now published Professor James Curran’s report on climate change action for the Isle of Man. The Government has also published the Council of Ministers response draft action plan.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of the moment – and its impact is likely to affect the most vulnerable and marginalised communites around the world disproportionately hard. Please take some time to read the report and action plan and let your MHK know what you want them to support. Links to the report and the plan are:…/sitti…/20182021/2019-GD-0102.pdf…/sitti…/20182021/2019-GD-0101.pdf

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Join in CCC first birthday bash!

Climate Change Coalition logo

As we wait to hear the details of Prof. Curran’s report to the Isle of Man Government on the action required around climate change, the Climate Change Coalition Isle of Man is marking its first anniversary on Friday 22nd November with a night of music and discussion at the Manx Legion Club.

The One World Centre was a founding member of the CCC, which exists to encourage and support our Government to address climate change by working in three areas: reducing emissions (measured against interim targets), investing in renewables and keeping our sustainability promises to UNESCO re our Biosphere status.

The CCC now has 30 member organisations, drawn from all parts of Manx society, as well as individual supporters – all focused on ensuring the Isle of Man plays its part in providing climate justice for everyone, including generations to come. For more information on the first anniversary celebration please click here

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Ramsey team wins the slam!

The winning team from Ramsey Grammar School with Sarah Comish from the judging panel

A team from Ramsey Grammar School scooped the overall winners spot in this year’s One World Poetry Slam with their poem Life for a Girl, exploring the lack of access to education and the unequal rights endured by women in some parts of the world and appealing for change.

Teams from Castle Rushen took second and third place with poems entitled Is This The World You Want? and P.E.P. Talk, both about climate change.

The difficult task of judging the finalists fell to a distinguished panel of poets and educationalists including Dr Jennifer Kewley-Draskau, Karen Riordan, the One World Centre’s Sarah Comish and Janet Lees who also gave a reading of some of her own works. Judging criteria included the interpretation of content and theme, the imaginative use of words and expressive verse, rhythm and imager, memorisation and overall delivery.

All the teams were praised by the judges for their careful crafting of their poems – and for their bravery in standing up in front of an audience and performing without notes!

The Poetry Slam competition, which runs annually with the support of the Isle of Man Government’s Development Education and Awareness Raising Grant, helps students not only to express themselves but to start to grapple with some of the world’s bigger problems, using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a starting point in their research. They are challenged to consider projects, individuals and communities that have changed people’s lives and/or the environment for the better. Congratulations to all those who took part.

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An Incovenient Sequel – free screening

Sequel to the award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth

As part of our activities for One World Week (this year’s theme is Climate Changes Everything: Now is the time to act), we are providing a free screening of An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power on Tuesday 22nd October at the Ballakermeen Studio Theatre in Douglas.

This is the follow up film to Al Gore’s famous documentary about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth. In this sequel, former Vice President Gore further explores the perils of climate change and assesses how close we are to an energy revolution as cameras follow him in his quest to raise awareness and inspire a new generation of problem-solvers.

With the declaration of a Climate Emergency earlier this year by the Isle of Man Government and the establishment of a Climate Change Emergency Transition team, One World Week is a very appropriate opportunity to provide the public with more information about the issues we all face and how they can be tackled.

There will be similar events highlighting the need to take action on climate change all around the UK and we hope this will spark more discussion on the way forward – and that we all recognise our responsibilities as national and global citizens to future generations.

The film, which is rated PG, will start at 7.30pm and runs for 98 minutes. It is free to attend but please book tickets through Eventbrite here.

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AGM tonight – with change of speaker

Just a reminder it’is our AGM tonight Wednesday 11th September from 7pm at St John’s Mill, Tynwald Mills. Please note we have a last minute change of speaker. We will now be welcoming Paul Craine who will talk about: ‘Climate change – the Climate Reality perspective’.

Paul has recently returned from a three-day Climate Reality training course, led by Vice President Al Gore no less, and is sure to have some important information about this very topical subject. We hope to see as many of our members and supporters as possible.

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Join us at our AGM on 11th September 2019

We’ll be holding our AGM at St John’s Mill, Tynwald Mills, from 7pm on Wednesday 11th September. All members and supporters are welcome. After a short formal meeting, we will look forward to hearing from OWC committee member Becky Crease who will give a talk on her time travelling and volunteering in Nepal. Tea and coffee will be available on arrival. See you then!

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Making the Global Goals Isle of Man Business

SDG Event image adjusted

Why should businesses on the Isle of Man care about the Sustainable Development Goals?
That’s the question we’ve asked Steve Kenzie, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact UK Network, to answer at a free breakfast talk for businesses at the Sefton Hotel, Douglas, on Friday 6th September 2019.
Steve will explain why businesses everywhere should be taking notice of the SDGs, how supporting them presents an opportunity to gain the trust of stakeholders and society in general, and how they also offer a compelling strategy for business growth and innovation.
Open to leaders and senior managers of Manx-based businesses both large and small, this is a chance to find out more and learn why the Global Goals should not just inform CSR strategy but key business plans and decisions as well.
The event is free to attend but tickets must be booked via Eventbrite. The ticket link is available here.

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Ten more ideas to help you live more sustainably

Continuing our series cataloguing simple changes we can all make to help us live with less harmful impacts on our planet.

Sustainability idea #20 Get your workplace involved.
We’ve already talked about individual actions you can take such as choosing tap water over bottled and using your own takeaway coffee cups but getting your workplace on board with such schemes can magnify the impact immensely. Maybe you could get your employer to sign up to be a Refill Station – or implement some other recycling scheme as a team effort?

Sustainability idea # 19 Understand your carbon footprint.
Knowledge is the key to action – work out your own carbon footprint using one of the many online carbon calculators. Learn where you create most impact and where you can make a difference.

Sustainability idea #18 Choose a speedy shower.
A quick shower is more efficient in terms of water and energy consumption than a big bath – although check the rate the water comes through if you have a very strong power shower. If you’re thinking of fitting a new shower go for one with a low flow head or any of the other energy efficient features available now.

Sustainability idea #17 Use a reusable coffee cup.
It’s estimated that somewhere between 2.5 and 3 BILLION single-use coffee cups were used in 2018. Help reduce that waste by taking your own reusable coffee cup with you – quite often, cafes will give you a cheaper cup of coffee too!

Sustainability idea #16 Resist continuous upgrading.
Many businesses tempt consumers into repeat purchases by the frequent release of new and upgraded features – even if these are things you don’t really want or need. Don’t let FOMO (fear of missing out) culture drive your decisions and use up more resources unnecessarily.

Sustainability idea #15. Buy local produce.
Reduce food miles and support local farmers at the same time by buying Isle of Man produce. You don’t necessarily need to pick/collect it yourself – check out the local farmers’ markets and choose Isle of Man produce over imported in the shops.

Sustainability idea #14. Walk or cycle more.
This one should be easier to start now the better weather is with us! Walking or cycling is a great way to reduce emissions and has the added bonus of keeping you fitter too!

Sustainability idea #13 Grow your own.
Reduce food miles and reduce packaging by growing your own fruit and veg. If you’ve only got a small yard or balcony you can still grow tomatoes, strawberries, radishes and other tasty treats in pots. Just avoid peat-based compost!

Sustainability idea #12 Ditch the dryer and use a washing line.
Tumble dryers use a lot of energy to generate heat but windpower is just as effective in getting your clothes dry – and will save you money as well. We’re not short on wind in the Isle of Man so if it’s a dry day, get the pegs out!

Sustainability idea #11 Share it!
With better weather coming (?), you might be starting to think about some home DIY or a new gardening project but we don’t all need to buy our own expensive tools such as drills, chainsaws or lawnmowers. Often these spend most of their time in a cupboard or shed so arrange to share between your friends and neighbours. You never know you might even get a helping hand!

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