Us in a nutshell
Set up in 2004, the One World Centre is a registered Manx Charity. As a Development Education Centre, it’s our mission to encourage understanding and respect for the lives and cultures of all people – so that we can help to share a fair society that celebrates our global differences and interdependence. This sees us highlighting the links between our lives in the Island and those of people in developing countries; raising awareness of global economic, social, political and environmental issues; challenging stereotypes; fostering a positive attitude that embraces human rights and responsibilities and creating opportunities for people to become active global citizens

Following advice and the actions of many other charities, the One World Centre became a limited company in 2013 and then re-registered as a charity in 2015, with the new charity number 1192.

The One World Centre is funded by donations, grants and sponsorship of our projects and we are the current recipients of the Isle of Man Government Development Education and Awareness Raising Grant. Our management committee has agreed an Ethical Fundraising Policy which you can read here.

The Centre and our resources
The One World Centre itself is packed with DVD’s, books, magazines and lots more. Everything is available for loan to teachers, youth leaders and budding global citizens. If you’d like to call in for a browse you’re very welcome, but as we are such a small organisation, please make an appointment to make sure you find us at home!

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”
Nelson Mandela

So what is Development Education? It’s about asking the question “Why?” – and then becoming part of the answer.

Development education empowers people right here in the Island to look at the global picture, and to realise they have an important part to play in it. It’s not about aspiring to have more, but to be more. It creates global citizens; people who live and work in their own communities and yet, by their actions and lifestyles, bring about justice and equality globally.

Through workshops, craft activities, assemblies, storytelling and a whole range of other projects, we work in all the Island’s schools with teachers and students to bring global issues to life – from climate change to sustainability, fair trade to modern slavery.

Making our voices heard, and standing up for those who are ignored or marginalised, is an important part of global citizenship. Climate change, ethical shopping, contemporary slavery, poverty, overseas aid… the list of things we help to highlight keeps on growing.

Thanks to our high profile public events like the interschools Charity Challenge, community projects and awareness raising, we enjoy a lot of coverage in the local media.

To help make sure important messages get out there loud and clear, we constantly network with more than 20 local voluntary organisations on issues we’re all passionate about.

We also promote the work of many different Manx charities working overseas, helping them to find support with things like grant applications, accounting and volunteers.

We are proud members of The Global Learning Network, an alliance of development education and global learning centres in the UK.