Sustainable Fashion competition launched

We all know the fashion industry has a heavy environmental impact: according to the UN Environment Programme, the industry is the second-biggest consumer of water and is thought to be responsible for up to 8% of global human-related carbon emissions, more than international flights and maritime shipping combined.

Fast fashion – the creation of cheap clothes turned out very quickly – also has significant social impacts including poor working conditions for many garment workers and the fuelling of a throw-away culture. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has estimated that of the 100 billion garments produced each year, 92 million tonnes end up in landfill or incinerators – that’s the equivalent of a rubbish truck full of clothes every second. Meanwhile, people are on average buying 60 per cent more clothes than 15 years ago but wearing them for only half as long.

Our Sustainable Fashion competition – open to all those under the age of 25 on the Isle of Man – challenges young people to explore how we can do better by designing and creating a wearable item using sustainable principles. This may be by using recycled or natural materials, adopting a zero-waste approach or by showing how fashion can become part of a circular economy. There is £100 for grabs for first prize and runners up prizes including a £50 voucher kindly donated by the OMA Sustainable Living store in Ramsey.

Please flag this competition up to any young people you know. The closing date is 19 July 2024 and more details, the T&Cs and entry form are here

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