QE2 students thanked for work on life-saving digital lessons

On Monday Rosemary presented two students from QE2 High School with copies of potentially life-saving DVDs they had helped to create as part of a collaboration with the charity Thare Machi Education (Isle of Man)

TME (IoM) uses new media to create interactive lessons on basic health and life-skills topics which can teach some of the world’s poorest people in their own language.  The programming (or “authoring“, as it is technically called) of the lessons on DVD is not a straight-forward operation and required the students to work with languages they didn’t understand themselves.

Michael Diehl and Walid Anwar, both Year 8 students, are the youngest people to produce a lesson.  Their topic was “Having an HIV Test”, with Walid working in Afrikaans and Michael in Acholi, a Ugandan language.

TME (IoM) currently has 31 different lessons waiting to be translated, recorded and authored into a range of different languages.  If you would like to help, please contact us.

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