Refugees and the Isle of Man – 17th September 2016


A year ago many Island residents gave clothing and other goods to support the many refugees who were risking their lives to come to Europe. Our Government was asked to show their practical support by inviting about 30 Syrian refugees to come and live on the Island. This would be our share of the 20,000 David Cameron agreed to bring from the Syrian refugee camps.

Twelve months later, despite several letters and a question in Tynwald, we are still not able to show the traditional Manx welcome.

On Saturday 17th March, at Loch Promenade in Douglas between 12:00 and 15:00 we invite you to come and learn more about the current situation, and for a photo opportunity to challenge the candidates for the House of Keys about how the new government will respond to the refugee crisis.

Please bring a life jacket if you have one or can borrow one.  This will be really useful for the photo which will take place at 13:00.

You can find all the information here 

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