IF BBQ and Vigil

Meet on Peel Beach by the Kiosk opposite the Marine Hotel at 20:00 on Sunday 16th June 2013 for a BBQ (bring your own food), followed by a vigil from 22-24:00.

We will be remembering the G8 who will be meeting in Northern Ireland on Monday and Tuesday, 17th and 18th June. ¬†One of the items on their agenda is World Hunger. We want them to take action to make sure that the 1 in 8 of the world’s population that go to bed hungry every day have enough food.

There is enough food for everyone IF:

* Subsistence farmers are given the tools they need to produce their own food

* Land is made available to them to farm, and isn’t grabbed to produce cash crops or biofuels for us

* Companies pay taxes in the right countries

* Governments and Companies are open and transparent about food

Please bring containers for tea lights (we have 800 to light up a large IF), and any readings, thoughts, dance or music to share.

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