Students meet the charities as part of the One World Charity Challenge

Meet the charities dayOn  Wednesday last week some hundred students from six educational establishments came to St Ninian’s Church to meet representatives of the charities they could choose for this year’s One World Charity Challenge.  At 08:00 the following morning more than 20 groups were busy e-mailing their top choices, and now most have been allocated the charity that they will work closely with over the next few months.

Students will be learning about their charity, seeing how its work helps towards achieving the Global Goals and how it has an impact on the life of a young person.  They will be combining all this learning into a multimedia presentation, and will also be dreaming up some creative ways to raise funds for the charity.

If you would like a ticket for the finals in March, please contact us.

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Read all about us!

You can find out more about what we’ve been up to in our latest annual report here: OWC Annual Report 2015-16

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Thank you!

A big thank-you to all OWC supporters who turned up on Saturday 17th to the “Refugees Welcome” event on Douglas promenade.

It was a great success in that we got excellent coverage before and after the event in the newspapers;  many passers-by got to understand a lot more about the issues and the actual details of the request we are asking; we were able to show our support for the marches in London and other cities, and we launched the petition which so far has over 250 names on paper and 92 online. Amnesty International U.K. have taken a great interest in what we are doing and are planning to do an article on it in their next magazine.

We really need your help in keeping the momentum going over the next few weeks as we wait for the new government to settle in. PLEASE circulate the appeal among your contacts, groups & organisations to reach as many people as possible. The online petition is at  <>  It takes less than a minute: you only need to put your name & email and press “click”! There is no need to write a comment or sign up to the petition website.

If you would like copies of the fact sheet or the petition, please contact us.

lifejackets on railings

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Refugees and the Isle of Man – 17th September 2016


A year ago many Island residents gave clothing and other goods to support the many refugees who were risking their lives to come to Europe. Our Government was asked to show their practical support by inviting about 30 Syrian refugees to come and live on the Island. This would be our share of the 20,000 David Cameron agreed to bring from the Syrian refugee camps.

Twelve months later, despite several letters and a question in Tynwald, we are still not able to show the traditional Manx welcome.

On Saturday 17th March, at Loch Promenade in Douglas between 12:00 and 15:00 we invite you to come and learn more about the current situation, and for a photo opportunity to challenge the candidates for the House of Keys about how the new government will respond to the refugee crisis.

Please bring a life jacket if you have one or can borrow one.  This will be really useful for the photo which will take place at 13:00.

You can find all the information here 

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AGM – Friday 9th September

Our AGM will be held on Friday 9th September at 1830, Green’s Cafe in St Johns.  The formal business will be kept to a minimum and we look forward to welcoming our new patron, Sir Richard Gozney, to hear the winning poem from the Year 7 Poetry Slam and a presentation by Emily Stephens about her recent trip to Malawi.  We do hope you will be able to join us.image

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Poetry Slam Final

Winners with trophy compressed


Emily Sweetman

Lucy Barks

Anna Harris

Frankie Cullen




For the last few weeks several hundred Year 7 students have been studying poetry, working in groups to create and perform their own poems on one of these subjects: Child Soldiers, Girls’ Education, Refugees and Water + Sanitation.  Following in-school competitions 12 groups took part in the final, held at Bemahague on 7th July.  The judges were impressed by the empathy shown by each group, and the polish of their performances, as well as the poetry techniques they employed.  It was very difficult to choose a winner.  In the end a group from St Ninians’ won with their poem They Will not Listen

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Sun Shines again on Global Village


What a relief to have sunshine and a dry day for the Global Village after last year’s rain-soaked occasion!  By lunchtime hundreds of people were exploring the Village, waiting for the Indian Dancer to begin, and sampling food from the Caribbean, the Philippines and various African countries.  Christian Aid
A variety of Manx registered charities working internationally set up stalls, often with activities to engage families.  There was an opportunity to toast marshmallows on a cooking stove from Mali, just like the ones the Island has contributed through Christian Aid Week.  The Black and White Society had a challenge to find a Golden Kipper and local environmental groups were demonstrating a solar heater and giving away fabric bags.

Bulgarians grouped in front of stage
Several acts graced the stage, generously loaned by Castletown Commissioners and erected by DoI, including Taekwondo, Karate, a Filipino harpist and the Fairly Famous Family. The performances ended with Bulgarian dancing which spilled off the the stage and ended with a chain dance drawing in members of the audience.

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Almost There!


It was great to be part of the Parish Walk, three of almost 1,200 people leaving Douglas at 0800 on Saturday morning, knowing that less than 15 hours later the winner would be crossing the finishing line after 85 miles, with no running allowed. Unfortunately Sylvia was unable to start; Joseph was fit and retired at Rushen (19 miles); Angie stormed through to Peel, her destination, in 73rd place.  Two and a half hours later Rosemary clocked off in Peel, just in time to receive a finisher’s medal.  It’s not often that coming 796th merits a celebration!

Many thanks to Val and Chris, the back-up team, and to sponsors and encouragers. We will post the amount raised in due course.


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Parish Walk

2013-12-31 20.42.44

A week today, on Saturday 18th June, several intrepid walkers hope to be in Peel – or beyond – raising money for the One World Centre.  Angie, Rosemary and Sylvia – and possibly Joseph – will have braved the Sloc and maybe nursing our weary limbs.

If you would like to encourage us on our way, please feel free to sponsor us!  You can use the yellow donate button on the right hand side of this post, or pass your willingness to support us in this practical way by contacting us.

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From the Isle of Man to Malawi!

18-year-old student EEmily Stephensmily Stephens is all set to spend her summer making a difference to orphaned children in Malawi after being selected as the recipient of an ethical volunteering sponsorship organised by the One World Centre and funded by Karsons Family Foundation.

Joining a Quest Overseas adventure, Emily will spend four weeks supporting a life-changing project for children who have lost their parents to HIV in rural areas of the country. She will work with local youth groups helping to improve livelihoods for families in the greatest need, building new homes and facilities and assisting in feeding centres.

Emily is currently finishing A-Levels in Business Studies, World Development and Politics at Ramsey Grammar School.

“I had learned a lot about Malawi in my studies and it sparked an interest in visiting Africa,” she says. “When I heard that a trip was being organised, I wanted to be a part of it. I am really looking forward to visiting Malawi and developing friendships along the way, whilst also helping the community.”

One World Centre Director Rosemary Clarke said: “Emily is sure to get as much out of the trip as those she is going to help. The experience of working hands-on with other young people in such a different community and culture can be enormously rewarding and will give her valuable insights that she can bring back and share in the Isle of Man.

“Following a very successful placement in 2015, we are grateful to the Karsons Family Foundation for providing sponsorship for a second year to give another Manx youngster such a wonderful chance for personal development through an exciting volunteering scheme.”


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