Ten more ideas to help you live more sustainably

Continuing our series cataloguing simple changes we can all make to help us live with less harmful impacts on our planet.

Sustainability idea #20 Get your workplace involved.
We’ve already talked about individual actions you can take such as choosing tap water over bottled and using your own takeaway coffee cups but getting your workplace on board with such schemes can magnify the impact immensely. Maybe you could get your employer to sign up to be a Refill Station – or implement some other recycling scheme as a team effort?

Sustainability idea # 19 Understand your carbon footprint.
Knowledge is the key to action – work out your own carbon footprint using one of the many online carbon calculators. Learn where you create most impact and where you can make a difference.

Sustainability idea #18 Choose a speedy shower.
A quick shower is more efficient in terms of water and energy consumption than a big bath – although check the rate the water comes through if you have a very strong power shower. If you’re thinking of fitting a new shower go for one with a low flow head or any of the other energy efficient features available now.

Sustainability idea #17 Use a reusable coffee cup.
It’s estimated that somewhere between 2.5 and 3 BILLION single-use coffee cups were used in 2018. Help reduce that waste by taking your own reusable coffee cup with you – quite often, cafes will give you a cheaper cup of coffee too!

Sustainability idea #16 Resist continuous upgrading.
Many businesses tempt consumers into repeat purchases by the frequent release of new and upgraded features – even if these are things you don’t really want or need. Don’t let FOMO (fear of missing out) culture drive your decisions and use up more resources unnecessarily.

Sustainability idea #15. Buy local produce.
Reduce food miles and support local farmers at the same time by buying Isle of Man produce. You don’t necessarily need to pick/collect it yourself – check out the local farmers’ markets and choose Isle of Man produce over imported in the shops.

Sustainability idea #14. Walk or cycle more.
This one should be easier to start now the better weather is with us! Walking or cycling is a great way to reduce emissions and has the added bonus of keeping you fitter too!

Sustainability idea #13 Grow your own.
Reduce food miles and reduce packaging by growing your own fruit and veg. If you’ve only got a small yard or balcony you can still grow tomatoes, strawberries, radishes and other tasty treats in pots. Just avoid peat-based compost!

Sustainability idea #12 Ditch the dryer and use a washing line.
Tumble dryers use a lot of energy to generate heat but windpower is just as effective in getting your clothes dry – and will save you money as well. We’re not short on wind in the Isle of Man so if it’s a dry day, get the pegs out!

Sustainability idea #11 Share it!
With better weather coming (?), you might be starting to think about some home DIY or a new gardening project but we don’t all need to buy our own expensive tools such as drills, chainsaws or lawnmowers. Often these spend most of their time in a cupboard or shed so arrange to share between your friends and neighbours. You never know you might even get a helping hand!

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