Sun Shines again on Global Village


What a relief to have sunshine and a dry day for the Global Village after last year’s rain-soaked occasion!  By lunchtime hundreds of people were exploring the Village, waiting for the Indian Dancer to begin, and sampling food from the Caribbean, the Philippines and various African countries.  Christian Aid
A variety of Manx registered charities working internationally set up stalls, often with activities to engage families.  There was an opportunity to toast marshmallows on a cooking stove from Mali, just like the ones the Island has contributed through Christian Aid Week.  The Black and White Society had a challenge to find a Golden Kipper and local environmental groups were demonstrating a solar heater and giving away fabric bags.

Bulgarians grouped in front of stage
Several acts graced the stage, generously loaned by Castletown Commissioners and erected by DoI, including Taekwondo, Karate, a Filipino harpist and the Fairly Famous Family. The performances ended with Bulgarian dancing which spilled off the the stage and ended with a chain dance drawing in members of the audience.

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