Living Below the Line

Well, it’s not been easy.  I decided to cut out all drinks apart from water and went to bed with a headache on Monday.  I guess I should have realised that I’ve become dependent on caffeine.  I wonder if the muscle aches I’ve been experiencing since are more of the same.  What a wimp!

I discovered that the tomato I was going to have half of for lunch was rotten.  I guess I should have just had the slice of bread on its own, but I added a smear of jam.

And today I’m cheating a bit too as I’m joining the Ramsey meal tonight which is being devised on £1/person, but I have had some breakfast and another slice of bread for lunch.  Perhaps I should ask for half a portion.

It has made me think.  For me, this was a choice, and it was only for 5 days.  For a quarter of the world’s population it is their daily experience – and the £1 has to stretch for everything.  If the food goes rotten, there is no money to replace it.  I’ve filled up on cold water; for many, that would be filling up with more bugs because of the poor water quality.  I’ve been doing a sedentary job; many people would be having to do hard physical labour.  Tomorrow my diet can become more varied; many folk have to cope with a very restricted choice.

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