Fantastic Response to Ebola Appeal!

Not only did we raise £6,300, but the Manx Government have agreed to send £100,000 from their emergency funding pot to help with the Ebola outbreak.

Thank you to all who collected in Douglas, Peel, Port Erin and Ramsey – and to those who co-ordinated others.

I hope it will be a long time before we need to call on your help for the next DEC Appeal. If you live in Castletown or know of anyone who could help there, please let me know.

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Sponsored Expedition Place

Calling all adventurous Manx young people who will be between 18 and 24 (inclusive) in July 2015!

Are you interested in other cultures? Would you like to help children in Africa or South America?

The Karsons Family Foundation would like to sponsor one Manx young person to work with children in Rwanda, Malawi or Peru during the summer of 2015.

To have an opportunity to access this life-changing and enriching experience – and improve your further education and career prospects, tell us, in no more than 1,000 words:

  • Why you should be the successful candidate
  • Which project you would like to be part of and why
  • How you expect this opportunity to fit in with your plans for work or further study
  • What experience or knowledge you have of other cultures
  • Some practical examples of what you have done to help others
  • How you plan to raise £500 towards the cost

Applications should be e-mailed to by 17:00 on Friday 9th January

Short listed candidates will be asked to complete a medical form before interviews which will be held on Friday 6th February

The trip is organised by Quest Overseas and you can find out more about the different projects here


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Can you help? DEC Ebola appeal

This weekend there will be collections around the Island for the Ebola crisis. We will be in Castletown, Douglas, Peel, Port Erin and Ramsey on Saturday 15th November; in Douglas and Port Erin on Friday 14th and in Port Erin on Sunday 16th.

If you are free to help with the collection, please contact us.  We will welcome your donations too – a real encouragement to our collectors.

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Fairtrade Award – Outstanding Project

Phil Gawne and Rosemary Clarke were invited to the Fairtrade Foundation’s 20th Birthday Reception at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster.  The reason? The Isle of Man’s Fairtrade Group had been awarded the Outstanding Project in the twenty years of the Fairtrade Foundation’s existence!

This more formal picture shows Allegra McEvedy (cookery author and broacaster) and Michael Gidney (Chief Executive at the Fairtrade Foundation) with Phil and Rosemary and the award.  The Fairtrade symbol is crafted out of Fairtrade silver.

The award was given for the Primary Fairtrade Conferences organised by the Fairtrade Group.  The judges were impressed by:

  • the detailed planning and execution
  • the involvement of Government (the conferences take place in the Government Buildings in Douglas with the children using the main chamber for their own debates; Clare Christian, President of Tynwald, welcomed the delegates and assisted with the debates).
  • the involvement of the Department for Education and Children (an adviser led Philosophy 4 Children workshops)
  • the number of schools involved (17 – half of all primary schools on the Island)
  • the support of businesses (the local Fairtrade shop, Shakti Man, provided the key note speaker; the Manx Co-operative supported the conference with lunch and snacks)
  • the structure of the conference which included the opportunity for schools to plan their own activities for Fairtrade Fortnight
  • a range of clear outcomes (one school provided Thought for the Day for the five weekdays of the first week of Fairtrade Fortnight; another developed a Fairtrade assembly to share with a neighbouring schools which had not attended the conference – and which did come the following year; a range of activities during Fairtrade Fortnight.
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United Nations Day Address

Concerned about Climate Change?  Interested in up-to-date scientific evidence?  Professor Brian Matthews will be talking on: Real climate change is in the top layer of the oceans, and growing exponentially tomorrow, Friday, 1830 at Ballakermeen Studio Theatre in Douglas.

Professor Matthews is a life member of the American Geophysical Union – Oceanography and Meteorology, and also of the Council for Innovative Research.  He is the former chair SCOR/IAPSO/ECOR/UNESCO Coastal and Estuarine Regimes Group.

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One World of Culture Concert

What a wonderful celebration of some of the different cultures represented on the Island! From these Bulgarian dancers through Indian and African dancing to a Filipino ballerina, Peel Centenary Centre resounded with music and action from around the world.

Many thanks to all those who took part, and to the Centenary Centre for supporting this event as part of the Island’s Year of Culture. Their sound and light team did an amazing job.

We are always interested in learning about other cultures so if you would like to put us in touch with someone who might be interested in performing or sharing their heritage in schools, please contact us.

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One World of Culture Concert

As part of the Island’s Year of Culture and in celebration of our 10th Birthday we have brought together local artists from Bulgaria, India, the Philippines, Scotland, several African countries and the Isle of Man for an evening of music and dance. Come and join us at 19:00 at Peel’s Centenary Centre this Saturday, 11th October.  Tickets available from Shakti Man (Ramsey), Peter Norris (Douglas), Thompson Travel (Port Erin), Celtic Gold (Peel) and on line. Tickets will also be available on the door. Adults: £5.00, children: £2.50

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Cronk y Berry Space Unit enjoys Africa

Today Rosemary visited Cronk y Berry School and took in a range of artifacts to help the students learn more about Africa.

After seeing pictures of women carrying water, all the children tried balancing their water bottles on their heads in this container.  It was quite heavy!

They really enjoyed playing with a plastic doll from Ghana, and a whole set of wooden animals from Kenya.

The children worked out that this basket is made from recycled plastic bags – and that it could be used as a hat!

They learned that an object that looked a bit like a feather duster was actually a fly whisk made from hair, probably from a horse. They enjoyed guessing what a leather carrying case could be used for.  They also enjoyed trying on some African shirts.



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10th Birthday and AGM

It was great to celebrate our first 10 years with friends old and new. Following a BBQ Cheryl Cousins, our first Co-ordinator, Phil Craine, our Chair, and Hugh Davidson, a generous supporter, reflected on the last decade.  This beautiful cake was made by our out-going treasurer, Jane Prescott.  Thank you Jane for all your hard work over the past few years.  You’ve kept us on the straight and narrow in a most gracious way, and we’ll miss you!

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Gaza Appeal update

Thanks to everyone who helped with the DEC collection over the weekend – and to all those who contributed.  Over £4,600 has been raised to date and will go to join the money being distributed by the DEC to agencies who can provide aid on the ground in Gaza. Collecting tins are still out at Manx Co-op stores for another week or so – and donations can also be made directly to the DEC via their website or any bank.   Thanks to all for your continued generosity.

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