For Fairtrade

Fairtrade Fortnight runs for two weeks at the beginning of March.  In 2013 the dates are 25th February-10th March.

Fairtrade Cotton in Cameroon

Fairtrade Foundation classroom resources on Cotton

Oxfam’s educational resource on cotton The Clothes Line. Higher resolution photographs of the process of clothes production can be found here

The page on cotton resources from FairTrade Wales contains the secondary lesson plans ‘From seed to shop’ (scroll down to find) which includes a map of the journey of a pair of jeans and figures on who get’s what from the £30 pricetag. Pupils can read out the role cards for cotton pickers, factory owner etc and then vote (one finger can be 10%) to say how much each person involved in the process of clothes production should earn.)

Another resource which looks at conditions in clothing factories is Oxfam’s Looking Behind the Logo. Or with a greater focus on the Olympic Games download the new Heroes and Heroines Pack.

For quick access to the Fairtrade Fortnight 2012 Guide and the Schools Action Guide go to the FT Foundation’s Support & Resources page and don’t forget to register for the Fairtrade Schools e-newsletter and to work towards becoming a FT School.